Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Education in Denmark

Denmark has a level ready to be a good Education system

Education in Denmark is compulsory
 (Danish: undervisningspligt) for
children below the age of 15 or 16,
 even though it is not compulsory

 to attend Folkeskole ("public school").
The school years up to the age of
 fifteen/sixteen are known as Folkeskole,
 since any education has to match the level
 offered there. About 82% of young people
take further education in addition to this.[1]
 Government-funded education is usually
 free of charge and open to all. Denmark
has a tradition of private schools and
 about 15.6% of all children at basic
 school level attend private schools,
which are supported by a voucher system.
The Education Index, published with the UN's Human Development Index in 2008, based on data from 2006, lists Denmark as 0.993, amongst the highest in the world, tied for first with Australia, Finland and New Zealand.[4]

The chief national officer of the education system is Education Minister Christine Antorini (Social Democrats). However, universities are the responsibility of Sofie Carsten Nielsen (Det Radikale Venstre).[5]

Literacy in Denmark is approximately 99% for both men and women.[6]


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